Friday, December 6, 2013

Antique Window Screen Christmas Style

Merry Christmas To All

I love Christmas, everything about it. The giving, the recieveing the joy and the fun. We do Jesus in our home, if you don't that's fine but to us the magic of the entire season is surrounded by the miricle of life itself. I try to instill in my children everyday how wonderful it is to be alive, to have the life we have been given. To have our freedom of choice and our ability to become whatever and whoever we want to be in life. 

All that said, Christmas isn't Christmas without an evergreen, snow, bells, red warm softness, and the wilderness that surrounds. I wanted to create something that had all those things in it. Something that was old, with new. Something that takes us back to old memories, but brings us forward every year like progress. Something that is full of Christmas glory, and nature that surrounds us. Something that will last a lifetime.

SO, without further words I give to you this Christmas...
Attention to every detail

This gorgeous old antique window screen has been adorned with soft fuzzy flannel ribbon and a festive winter spray of faux pine, ice, cranberries, and snow. Two huge sleigh bells to ring in your Christmas spirit, and topped with natures perfection...a genuine whitetail deer antler shed found in Poplar, ID.


You can hang this anywhere, it will tolerate the winds of Idaho and the current -15 below weather we are experienceing. Hang it on your door, prop it on your pourch, or bring it inside and hang it above you table on the wall to be enjoyed all day long. 

No matter where or how you will enjoy this beautiful piece, I know I do. 

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  1. I love this piece. How much$$$? How do I order one?