Thursday, November 21, 2013

3:21 AM

I spent the afternoon yesterday in the hospital...blah. End result, my gallbladder will be relocating itself to a medical waste bin. I'm not in the least bit sorry to see it go, it has been an on going source of pain for me, for almost two years. Yes, you read that right. I hate doctors most in this life and always wait just a touch to long before seeking care, so as I blog this early AM I blog in pain, waiting for the next wave of pain killers to kick in.

Non-Typical Mule Deer Rack $150.00
So, what can I share with you? How about something that is Red, Bold, and One of a Kind!

Something that when people walk into your home they will notice right off the bat.

Something that even the most shabby chic gal really can't say when she had seen something similar.

Barn Red, Antique Non-typical Mule Deer Original
Gorgeous Abstract beauty $150.00

Beautiful isn't it!!! This is a non-typical (meaning the points of the antlers are not symmetrical) mule deer rack. I found this beautiful beast buried at an estate sale years back. It was bleached from decades in the sun, covered in cob webs, long forgotten. I had to have it, and it's brother I will share on another day. 

Something that, although they will have to inspect closely before they believe the reality of it, any outdoors man would be impressed by it's beauty. 
It sat in my garage for years, and finally when we moved into our current dwelling place I had a wall for it. However, as I looked at its blank bleached bones each day something was nagging me. A friend had mentioned an idea in passing one day about some antlers of her own. It was an A HA moment and I knew instantly what needed done. 

Barn red and it has come back to life. Enjoy it, he is garunteed to be one of a kind!


  1. For some dumb reason the pictures won't load here, but that's OK I know what it looks like. It's awesome.

  2. Thanks Faraway had you not commented I would not have known the pictures did not load!!! Fixed it now.