Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How Exciting!!!!

I had my first shipping request!!!!

How exciting is that, right. When you start a new business and it has little, tiny, fuzzy baby duck wings. Then you begin to get likes on Facebook, and people are starting to see your blog, then somebody "pins" one of your creations on Pinterest (probably to try and recreate it on their own), but nevermind that it is still progress.

Then you get the age old question; "I like it, do you ship? Where do you ship, and how much is it going to cost me?"

Well, here are some answers!!

1. I will ship anywhere in the continental USA

2. I would consider international shipping as long as the buyer is patient and willing to let me look into the best way to ship my merchandise to you.

3. Shipping cost will always be the "buyers" responsibility. I will promise to keep the charges ecomomical and fair, some charges on specific items may have to cover packaging as well as shipping. I will ship with the best, most responsible, and economic carrier available.

4. Some items would have to be considered freight, and shipping may be difficult. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE THOUGH!!!

So, if you like something you see let me know and let's start shipping!!!!!!!

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